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Innovista Indus is a state-of-the-art coworking space situated in the dynamic DHA Karachi, designed to be a hub for Pakistan’s tech scene. It’s a place where freelancers, startups, and businesses can come together to share ideas and work on innovative projects. The space is fully equipped with modern amenities such as free 5G WiFi, conference halls, and office equipment, making it an ideal location for skill development and professional networking. Innovista Indus is part of a larger initiative to boost the tech sector in Pakistan, providing a special place for tech experts like coders, designers, and makers to collaborate and create.

The coworking space is not just about providing a desk or an office; it’s about creating a community where members can find support and inspiration. With various membership packages available, Innovista Indus caters to individual freelancers as well as small and large teams, offering 24/7 access, cafeterias, and all-area access to ensure maximum productivity and flexibility. The recent collaboration between DHA Karachi Innovista and Indus IT Feast signifies a significant step forward in fostering a vibrant tech ecosystem, attracting investment, and generating employment opportunities in the region.

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