InnoVista Launch Event at Jacaranda DHA- 2, Islamabad

In the heart of Islamabad, a new chapter in collaborative workspaces unfolded with the launch of InnoVista at Jacaranda DHA-2. This event marked a significant milestone for InnoVista, a burgeoning network of coworking spaces now spreading its roots across Pakistan. The launch was not just a celebration of a new location, but a testament to the company’s vision of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the nation.

The Jacaranda Family Club in DHA-2, Islamabad, buzzed with excitement as freelancers, tech enthusiasts, and business leaders gathered to witness the unveiling of InnoVista’s mission to revolutionize Pakistan’s workspace landscape. Esteemed social influencer Hisham Sarwar, known for his ‘Free Internet-Based Trainings’ since 2016, graced the event as the keynote speaker. His insights on emerging skill sets crucial for youth empowerment resonated with the audience, highlighting the importance of skill development in today’s digital era.

InnoVista’s commitment to nurturing talent through collaborative workspaces and online skill development programs took center stage. With a clear aim to fuel economic growth and foster forward-thinking solutions, InnoVista is poised to become a catalyst for change in Pakistan’s evolving workforce. Operating effectively across online and offline platforms, the company provides essential resources for skill development and physical office spaces in key cities nationwide, promising a brighter future for Pakistan’s economy and its people.

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